Our Services.

Interior Design

Interior Design- At PUNKT we provide full commercial interior design guidance and delivery. From Brand & Needs analysis to concept presentation, high-quality renderings, and detailed planning for execution constructor, following with Project management via MONDAY and supervision of the project till turnkey. Our unique PUNKT creation process will tailor-made your dream into a real designed business space, a space that will provide the perfect working environment and a memorable visiting experience. Because our philosophy is always to deliver A DESIGN THAT MAKES A POINT
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Urbanika store design

Architectural Consulting

We offer companies, looking for ready-for-rent office space from a commercial developer, with an architectural consulting service. This service provides the company with a solution of professional accompaniment, in the process of interior design, once plan inspection is required. PUNKT architectural consulting helps navigate and represent the inner workplace ergonomic needs and brand vision of the company while taking into consideration the budget outline and requests of a commercial developer. As your supervision eye, we offer our professional input and overview of the architect’s plan that was assigned for the project. We will guide you through, conduct deep needs analysis in order for you to build the perfect office program, provide important recommendations regarding acoustics, electricity, lighting, ergonomics, advanced architectural materials, and finally submit a site visit report. Whether you look for a rental space or found your next turnkey office space, we would love to know how we can enhance your project.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is what visually communicates a company’s values and personality. We know how to take the branding and graphic language, and translate them into intriguing designed elements in the business space. With rich experience in the branding world and a never-ending passion for discovering materials, innovations and technologies, we generate creative ideas and solutions that ultimately mold your business’s unique imprint. Our main goal is to add a value that sustains a deep emotional connection between the brand, customers and employees. We believe that everything, but EVERYTHING, starts with very good branding, and very good visual branding is PUNKT.