“PUNKT Doctors” is a service we provide to doctors who seek fully accompanied interior design for medical clinics and ongoing project management throughout the entire process. 

The accompaniment we provide begins with locating a property for the clinic, branding, designing a website, full oversight of the construction process and ends with us handing over the key to your newly designed and PUNKT clinic! Interior design for medical clinics provides patients with the reassuring feeling that behind the clinic stands a professional and detail-oriented doctor that will treat their patients as well as they treat their clinic. In summary, we design clinics that make patients want to be treated in them and doctors want to work in them. We provide an all-encompassing service to doctors, leaving them with nothing more to do than tell us if they like our renditions.

Interior design for medical clinics is us – PUNKT!

Israel’s first digital information center for Maccabi Health Services. The concept of this project is “connectivity”. The ropes which protrude from the information stations are still soft but yet with a dynamic pace manage to create a flow, just like the flow of information, through the blue ceiling which provides perfect acoustics in order to convey the sense of quiet and security that exists in technology, the polygon ceiling portrays technology in its full force and the ease and speed with which the digital element connects to people.
“Smiles – Sderot” A dentist clinic needs to make us smile, even when we arrive in pain. On the one hand, the design is very clean and elegant, and on the other, incorporates elements that provide the space with color and peak interest.
Plastic surgery clinics attract clientele of a high socio-economic status. Therefore, the use of high end and quality materials is essential. The psychology behind the design is for the client to feel that they will receive the same level of care and attention as the proprietor has given to the design of their clinic. Geometry signifies precision and this was the concept that guided us in the design process.
The project included finding the property, branding the clinic, creating the website and providing the interior design. We dub this type of project “PUNKT Doctor”, and includes all necessary services provided to the doctor so they can focus solely on their meaningful work. This project required a rustic, modern, pleasant and ergonomic feel to the design. Some people say that this clinic make you want an excuse to visit…
The clinic at Yirmiyahu 37, resides in the old north of Tel Aviv and has been erected in just 60 days. In this project, we provided all adjacent services including creating the logo, designing the space, and custom furniture. The clinic includes 3 doctor’s offices and a lobby/waiting room – all within just 47 square meters! Another clinic that makes you want an excuse to visit it : )