About to open a store? You need an attractive design! This is our specialty – interior design for stores. We will familiarize ourselves with your product and together we will analyze your marketing and practical physical needs and implement them into our design process. Within 21 days we will provide you with a presentation that includes: in-depth research regarding similar businesses in Israel and the world, inspirations drawn from different local and international sources, a presentation of materials we are considering using, a 2 dimensional floor plan of the space portraying the flow of the store’s design and tangible renderings of the space into a 3 dimensional design concept for the store – a concept created after the identification and implementation of your various needs and objectives. That’s it, from here on it’s only a matter of choosing a contractor to do the job. The objective is that our store design not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also help you increase sales and allow for optimal, practical and comfortable use of your store by customers. Architecture and interior design is us – PUNKT

Israel’s first digital information center for Maccabi Health Services. The concept of this project is “connectivity”. The ropes which protrude from the information stations are still soft but yet with a dynamic pace manage to create a flow, just like the flow of information, through the blue ceiling which provides perfect acoustics in order to convey the sense of quiet and security that exists in technology, the polygon ceiling portrays technology in its full force and the ease and speed with which the digital element connects to people.
Remember when we were young and there was a ceiling fan in the room, but above it was a light fixture? This set up basically engulfed the room in shadow and drove us crazy without being able to pinpoint the reason why! So, this is exactly the concept of the design of this fan store, just the other way around. We wanted to draw the customers’ attention to the store’s ceiling, which is why we chose to utilize the shadows cast by the fans, only this time the shadows are cast upon the ceiling rather than the floor. We have made sure that the store is engulfed in light, but from the sides, without bothering the vision of the customers. In this project we have incorporated modern architectural materials and have ensured that the customer experience be pleasant and inviting.


HOT sales and service branch in Nahariya. The branch has been designed by European standards which incorporates warm materials such as wood. In order to incorporate a concept of innovation into the design, we chose to use hidden lighting embedded on the walls and in the furniture. On the ceiling there is lighting that expresses movement, promoting the entrance into the store. According to the branch manager, the store has increased sales 3.5 fold following the renovation, and to quote him: “people come in and just stand to admire the design”.
The display room of “New Cinema” importers of Crocs, Blundstone and many other brands. It started with us being invited to consult on the project and ended with us designing the entire space. We have switched the windows to Belgian profile windows of the “Modrian” design. We have incorporated into the space acoustic materials in order to provide a sense of intimacy between the transactions being made. Each brand has its own allotted corner, and the pictures speak for themselves. An eclectic and brand-centric design.
Migdal wanted to appeal to the “people” and open branches with street level store fronts, without any intimidating towers. In this case we chose to convey the “feel” of the street in our graphic design, which is incorporated into the furniture, walls and ceiling, all part of the street itself. Notice the light fixture on the ceiling, used as a creative visual branding platform for Migdal.
Israel’s first micro hotel. Yes yes, this is a new and different concept that provides customers the ability to both stand in their room and also sleep comfortably in a well-designed room that interfaces with their phone. This project is currently being erected.
New Work was created based on the assumption that a Tel Aviv job placement company must be young and inviting, in the midst of Tel Aviv’s bustling streets, and not another office in a high tower – finding a job on an eye to eye and street level.
The client asked us to provide through the design of the store a message of a modern European brand within the Israeli environment, including a modern design concept and urban characteristics. The name, logo, products, design style, the given space and even the brands all speak the “urban” language. We approached the development of the concept with the intent of understanding the meaning behind the term “urban”.
76 stores throughout the country. The design of WeShoes is a derivative of the branding concept given to us by the 3 Bears marketing group. The interior design supports elements of geometric graphs which help convey progress and innovation. In the entrance of the store we have created a sort of “veil” which is used as a mini showroom for the store’s brands and conveys a sense of grandiose and confidence in the brand. For the first time in Israel, the store has been equipped with walls made up of wooden beams, allowing for full modularity of the display. Each store has a shoe cleaning apparatus, so even if you didn’t end up buying shoes, you are welcome to come and rejuvenate yours. This is the perfect experience!
Design of the brand’s Israeli branches. The concept – the purity of sport. The running track created in the store is intended to promote the core values of the store, and also provides the customer with the will to “get on the track” – who doesn’t? In addition, we built the graphic language of the chain which included the creation of the slogan “sport professionals”.