The main idea of our project is to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the office for both clients and employees. This reflects the company’s philosophy in the field of residential complexes construction: not just to build houses, but to create places where people can feel at home. We aimed to provide a space that will remain relevant and modern for the next ten years, demonstrating that the company not only follows current trends but also contributes to the development of architectural design. That way, the office design becomes a reflection of the company’s core values – creating comfortable, durable, and modern living spaces for people.
One day, a successful real estate marketer met a delicate and beautiful land appraiser. The two decided to jointly purchase an office and gave us, the Functionals, the challenge to create an interior design that would speak to each of them separately in their personal offices, and together in the communal spaces. So, we took on the task and created for them this functional place.
Wolt Junior – Learning Hub for Beginners: a Unique Architectural Design We are proud to introduce the learning hub we have specially crafted for WOLT, designed for beginners. This hub has been meticulously planned and designed to create a unique impression on its visitors. Through stunning prints on white acoustic tiles, we have instilled a sense of unparalleled uniqueness within the hub. We have brought a new sense of youthfulness and experience to the fabric of the space, making it a vibrant part of everyday life. Even on the walls of the meeting rooms, we have utilized striking prints on acoustic tiles. The dazzling neon signs collaborate impressively with the brand, infusing the learning hub with positive energy and endurance. Working on this project was an exceptional experience, and we extend our thanks to Wolt
The design of the information systems of the Strauss Group. We accompanied the company in the transition from personal offices to work using the Open Space method. The goal was to create a pleasant, embracing and enjoyable workspace – one that everyone would want to come and sit in. The challenge was to allow privacy and self-expression for each employee with a variety of places to “escape” to and also open up the space. The design was inspired by the values of the company, the colors, the past and the introduction of the company. We used green materials in the design such as felt from recycled bottles because the values of environmental protection and sustainability are leading values of the company. The design makes use of the brand’s colors and graphic language.
The world of laws and agreements is an integral part From the daily work in the real estate business and entrepreneurship. The law is clear and fixed and is not ambiguous. It’s black or white. in the legal system and the law, The decisions are determined by the court. The determinations are based on the law, but they are also the result of a point A human view of a judge, jurors, and lawyers. And behind every ruling, there is a whole world of knowledge and a lot of thought. We see the court as the significant center of events Most and the place where color enters the law. human thought The complex is reflected in our eyes as colorful and multidimensional.
We accompanied the company in the transition from closed offices to an open space work method. The goal was to create a pleasant, embracing and fun work space- one that everyone would want to work in. The challenge was to allow the privacy of each worker and their personalization. Offering a variety of spaces of “escape” and in the same time opening the office space. The design drives inspiration from the company’s values and the concept was build on the idea of WATER. We used felt from recycled bottles in the design due to the importance of sustainability as one of the company’s leading values. The design uses the brands colors and graphic language and incorporates living plants to improve the well-being of the employees.
Israel’s first digital information center for Maccabi Health Services. The concept of this project is “connectivity”. The ropes which protrude from the information stations are still soft but yet with a dynamic pace manage to create a flow, just like the flow of information, through the blue ceiling which provides perfect acoustics in order to convey the sense of quiet and security that exists in technology, the polygon ceiling portrays technology in its full force and the ease and speed with which the digital element connects to people.
The Ppls complex is a community joined work space. The space is partitioned into different areas such as: an entrance hall, kitchen area, open work space, etc. The entrance hall has been designed with an elegant aesthetic with modern touches expressed by geometric wooden partitions, cut with CNC technology, and providing separation between the entrance hall and the work space area. Regarding the kitchen design, we have made use of tropical colors, including green and brown, and incorporating a marble countertop and touches of fleece. In the work space you can find a number of relaxation areas, such as: a gazebo, built from a combination of iron beams and sizzle ropes, which allows for Informal seating, as well as another relaxation area designed like a cigar room, incorporating elements of leather and fleece. The Ppls work space has been designed eclectically and combines multiple elements derived from different design methods, just like the space’s inhabitants, the work space provides for the varied needs of its visitors.
Remember when we were young and there was a ceiling fan in the room, but above it was a light fixture? This set up basically engulfed the room in shadow and drove us crazy without being able to pinpoint the reason why! So, this is exactly the concept of the design of this fan store, just the other way around. We wanted to draw the customers’ attention to the store’s ceiling, which is why we chose to utilize the shadows cast by the fans, only this time the shadows are cast upon the ceiling rather than the floor. We have made sure that the store is engulfed in light, but from the sides, without bothering the vision of the customers. In this project we have incorporated modern architectural materials and have ensured that the customer experience be pleasant and inviting.
The company goal is to reduce the competition or ‘friction’ between companies in signing contracts. Therefore, the entrance has elements of ‘friction lessness’ levitation, and detachment. The entrance came to give an office effect of “woah”. Free-spirit design with nature and plants included.