Image Bank.


Design Center Bnei Brak


350 m


ronen kerem

In this project we were asked to design the first and sole gallery of its kind in the country. An interactive gallery which holds a stock of over 80 million photos from around the world. Together with the client, we developed a marketing strategy for the gallery and created the brand and concept language. The challenge of designing this space was one the one hand, keeping the galleries identity intact, and on the other, set it apart from other galleries as a modern, innovative and interactive gallery that has never been seen in Israel. The galleries visitors are invited to experience the space by passing through light frames designed to welcome them in, as well as unique pixelated floors, unconventional in a classic gallery. The galleries visitors are exposed to a unique and one of a kind 3D video display (3D mapping projection), which explains the galleries concept. The customer service station has been thoughtfully designed and provides a private and pleasant service experience to its patrons.